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Equitable distribution in Colorado

When going through a divorce after many years of marriage, one of the most difficult things can be the process of dividing property. This is because it is likely that your assets have become somewhat intertwined over the years, and you may not see eye to eye on who has rightful ownership of certain property.

The inevitable conflict of separating couples and property division means that laws have been developed to determine how property should be divided. These laws vary to a certain degree from state to state; therefore, it is important to pay attention to the laws applicable to the state in which you are divorcing in.

Does getting divorced in 2018 make good financial sense?

Many couples will coast along in a troubled marriage for several years before something finally triggers the move toward a divorce. If you're in that situation, however, it might be time to take action -- before 2018 is over.

Why? Because changes in the tax laws are going to make divorce a lot more expensive in the future, especially for couples with significant wealth.

Going through the adoption process in Colorado

Making the decision to adopt a child is not a light one. It is likely that it is something that you have been thinking about for many years, and therefore, when you finally decide to take action, it can be nerve-wracking. It is important, therefore, that you take the time to learn about the laws and processes that you must go through so that you are fully prepared in regard to what to expect.

The adoption process can take many years, so it's a good idea to start consultations early on. It's a great idea to reach out to anyone you know who has gone through the adoption process and learn from their experiences. The following are some things that you should think about before going through the adoption process in Colorado.

How is alimony determined in Colorado?

When two people go through the process of divorce, a significant change happens in both of their lives. They will have to go through the procedures of dividing their property and setting up child custody agreements. Finally, they may need to establish whether spousal support needs to be addressed.

Not all people going through a divorce will need to deal with spousal support. However, in marriages where one spouse was the primary wage-earner and the other spouse provided non-economic support, e.g., caring for the children or housekeeping, the judge will likely determine that spousal support after a divorce is fair and necessary.

Child custody as a military parent

Being in the military can mean that you are required to spend long periods of time away from your family. This can have a big impact on any marriage, and if divorce becomes a reality, it is likely that you will become concerned about the future of the relationship between you and your children.

It is important to be practical as a member of the military and accept that you may not always be able to stick to a predictable visitation plan as many other parents can. However, you should also remember the rights you have as a loving and supportive parent.

Why is Aspen's divorce rate so awfully high?

olorado is a beautiful state and Aspen is supposed to be one of its most pleasant cities to live -- so, why is Aspen's divorce rate nearly double that of the rest of the state?

In fact, Aspen ranks sixth in the nation when it comes to divorce rates. This has plenty of people speculating about why the people in one small area seem to have such a large problem staying married.

Will remarriage affect the child support I receive?

If you are the primary custodian of your child, it is likely that you receive financial support from the other parent so that he or she can do his or her part and so that your child has the best possible life. You will rightly consider their payments as a symbolic contribution as a parent, and something that should not change until your child becomes an adult.

However, if you are remarrying, you may be worried that this will affect the child support your child is entitled to, since you will now be benefitting from a double income. It is important to understand your child's rights when it comes to receiving child support in Colorado.

Questions to consider as you start your military divorce

As an individual serving our country, you take pride in having responsibilities. Your country, family and the future are of the upmost importance to you. Like any couple, you and your spouse have had your ups and downs. Now, the two of you have come to the conclusion that being together isn’t working. While you have love for and care about one another, it seems that the two of you will be better off ending your marriage.

While the idea and process of divorce is stressful for any couple, you have added concerns. As a military member, you want to know if anything is different. Your situation is not the same as other non-military families. Now you have questions.

Child custody is not simple and parents often disagree

One common misconception people have about child custody is that it is simple and easy to figure out. They plan to divide the time in half and split the responsibilities.

While that's an honorable intention and a solid goal, the reality is that these situations are very complex. They cause a lot of disagreements, even between parents who both mean well.

Retirement and marriage: It could be problematic

Many married people approaching retirement age begin to wonder what life will be like once they stop working. Will they actually get to travel? What will it be like sitting at home all day? Are there new hobbies they can acquire? Will retirement cause a strain on their marriage? This last question is a very important one that can cause quite a bit of stress for couples in Colorado Springs.

Fidelity investments recently conducted a study that found one in three couples is not on the same page when discussing what retirement life will be like. Many couples grow apart later in life because they are spending time focusing on their careers and not each other or the marriage as a whole. Being together 24 hours per day can cause a lot of problems.

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