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Separating as domestic partners

When domestic partners separate, it is much the same as the separation of legally married couples. However many remain confused when it comes to the legalities in relation to the division of assets and the separation process of domestic partnerships.

It can be slightly more difficult to navigate the process of dividing property and debt as separating domestic partners. This is mainly because the exact laws differ significantly from state to state, and some states do not recognize domestic partnerships whatsoever.

How co-parents can share in celebrating their kids' milestones

When parents divorce, celebrations of major events and minor milestones can become fraught with anxiety. Whether it's birthdays, spelling bees, dance recitals or soccer tournaments, parents want to be there for their children. Sometimes, divorced parents have difficulty being in the same place together, particularly if there are former in-laws and new significant others attending as well.

A good way for co-parents to ease their way back into these celebrations that are so important to kids is to start small. Learn to celebrate the everyday victories and achievements of your kids' lives together, even if you're doing it across two households. This can include straight A's on a report card, getting braces off, making the swim team and hundreds of other moments that are part of growing up.

Visitation in virtual spaces can help parents and children bond

You and your partner may have ended your relationship, but you both still share a love of your child. Once you no longer live together, however, spending time with your child may become more difficult. Often, either the custodial or non-custodial parent will want to move to another state or country.

Although face-to-face communication is valuable in any relationship, some circumstances could make it rare, if not impossible. However, you may be able to nurture your bond with your child in virtual spaces.

Getting a high-asset divorce to work in your favor

All divorces are extremely stressful and take a great deal of emotional willpower. However, when you are involved in a high-asset divorce, there is much more at stake, and there is more complexity. This is why it is important to make sure that you are fully prepared and know how to make a case for what you deserve.

In divorce settlements, both spouses are known to act irrationally or vindictively. When this is the case, mistakes can happen because people trust their own emotions over the law. The following are some tips on how you can get the most out of your high-asset divorce.

Is an open adoption a good match for you?

There are many positive aspects of open adoptions. In fact, some adoptive parents develop close relationships with their child's biological parent(s). But for every shining example, there is a nightmare experience to counter-balance the decision to have an open adoption.

If you aren't dissuaded from the concept of an open adoption, the best way to assure its success is to define from the beginning — legally, in the form of a binding contractual agreement — just how open the adoption will be.

Tips for creating a solid parenting plan

It is more common than ever for both parents to share in parenting responsibilities after divorce. As such, many parents across Colorado will find themselves making decisions together and splitting custody for several years.

In these situations, fights and disagreements can arise. To resolve these difficult matters and prevent them from causing unnecessary strain, you should have in place a solid parenting plan that provides valuable direction. Below are some tips on what this entails.

Understanding property valuations during divorce

When you are dividing assets during a divorce, it can be very difficult to come to a complete agreement on how assets should be valued. There is likely to be a great deal of assets of sentimental value in the mix; therefore, it can be difficult as a divorcing couple to be objective on these issues.

This is why it can be a smart and helpful option to look into professional valuations. This can help you allocate assets and organize things in a fair and sensible way.

Relationships and active deployment

When you are called to active duty, it can be a stressful time for both you and all of your family. You may find yourself being more worried for your loved ones than you are for yourself, and you are understandably likely to dread the time away from them.

There are ways that you can plan for and become emotionally prepared for active deployment. Whether you are married with children, have a domestic partner or are a single parent, it is possible to prepare loved ones for the future.

Divorce and military pensions

Going through a divorce is difficult for anyone, but military personnel and their families have specific issues. One of them is a military pension and other benefits.

Colorado law generally considers all pensions and benefits to be a divisible asset, which is to say it is to be shared. But there are very specific requirements in the case of military pensions which require a divorce attorney with experience.

Your military family care plan in Colorado

Going through the process of allocating child custody is tough on any family that is going through a divorce. However, as a parent that is a member of the military, the issues brought up can be even more challenging.

There are additional complications, such as being away from the home environment for an extended period of time, that can have an impact on child custody rulings. The following are some legal issues relating to child custody and family care plans that you should be aware of as a member of the military.

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