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Questions to consider as you start your military divorce

As an individual serving our country, you take pride in having responsibilities. Your country, family and the future are of the upmost importance to you. Like any couple, you and your spouse have had your ups and downs. Now, the two of you have come to the conclusion that being together isn’t working. While you have love for and care about one another, it seems that the two of you will be better off ending your marriage.

While the idea and process of divorce is stressful for any couple, you have added concerns. As a military member, you want to know if anything is different. Your situation is not the same as other non-military families. Now you have questions.

Child custody is not simple and parents often disagree

One common misconception people have about child custody is that it is simple and easy to figure out. They plan to divide the time in half and split the responsibilities.

While that's an honorable intention and a solid goal, the reality is that these situations are very complex. They cause a lot of disagreements, even between parents who both mean well.

Retirement and marriage: It could be problematic

Many married people approaching retirement age begin to wonder what life will be like once they stop working. Will they actually get to travel? What will it be like sitting at home all day? Are there new hobbies they can acquire? Will retirement cause a strain on their marriage? This last question is a very important one that can cause quite a bit of stress for couples in Colorado Springs.

Fidelity investments recently conducted a study that found one in three couples is not on the same page when discussing what retirement life will be like. Many couples grow apart later in life because they are spending time focusing on their careers and not each other or the marriage as a whole. Being together 24 hours per day can cause a lot of problems.

What does a divorce judge account for when dividing up assets?

Colorado is an equitable distribution state when it comes to how property is divided up among spouses when they divorce. Unlike community property states where marital assets get split right down the middle, in an equitable distribution one like Colorado, they're instead divided up using a set criteria.

When judges are asked to divide up assets among couples in equitable distribution states, they do so by taking into account factors such as how old the two spouses are and their overall health.

Making exchanges of child custody easy for all involved

Child custody agreements vary based on each individual case. They can be difficult to reach or they can be agreed to in a matter of minutes if both parents are on speaking terms. Either way, the exchange of child custody can sometimes get to be a little overwhelming for all involved, especially the children. That's why you need to make the exchange as comfortable as possible in Colorado Springs.

The first tip is to choose a safe, neutral location. It's best to avoid custody exchanges that take place at either parent's house. This can only cause arguments and resentment between the two parents. A good idea for a neutral location is the child's school. Clear it first with the school principal or other administrator.

Protect your financial footprint prior to a divorce

A divorce is an issue that millions of people face during their lifetime. When a marriage is no longer sustainable or healthy, the best way to end it is through a divorce. Separation is also an option, but simply separating doesn't solve a lot of the problems that many couples face. If you are moving toward a divorce in Colorado Springs, you should start protecting your financial footprint immediately.

The first thing you need to do is pay down your credit card debt and then close those joint accounts. Once the joint accounts are closed you should open an individual credit card account if you don't already have one. You should refrain from accruing any further debt during the divorce process.

Child custody calculations in Colorado

The way that child custody rulings are evaluated is quite similar from state to state. In summary, all judges in child custody cases seek to create a ruling that works in the best interests of the child. However, the law does differ slightly, especially when it comes to the norms and best practices in each state.

If you are filing for custody in the state of Colorado, it is important that you understand how the judges and the child custody courts operate in the state. It is also a good idea to take the time to familiarize yourself with the specific terminology that is used in Colorado.

Financial matters and divorce

Money, money, money. Whether it’s greenbacks, money markets, certificates of deposit, money-related matters are often among the biggest reasons nearly half of all U.S. marriages end in divorce. When the stereotypical money personalities of savers and spenders unite in matrimony, you better be careful.

It’s a clash just waiting to happen. Before couples get married, it’s critical they discuss money and finances. Careful discussions about money management and organization are recommended. No, rather a necessity. Do they share the same philosophy on spending and saving? Do their financial goals mesh? What do they agree upon when it comes to major purchases? Make these discussions at least once a month.

Military rules and marital separation

When a member of the military separates from their partner, it means that they are subject to certain rules and regulations from the military. These rules initiated by the military are an attempt to make sure that all those serving keep up with their duties to their families.

However, although the military has rules in place, there is very little that can be done when it comes to legally producing a court order to support these demands. Although there may not be legal implications, there can be punishments administered within the military, that cannot be disclosed due to the Privacy Act of 1974.

Protecting your business in a divorce

When you have a business that is your source of income but also your pride and joy, one of your first priorities will be seeking to protect this in the event of a divorce.

Although it can be difficult to foresee a divorce and prevent it from occurring in the first place, it is possible to take measures to make sure that your business assets and the empire that you have worked so hard to build will not be compromised in the event of a divorce. The followings are some ways that you can protect your business assets from being divided.

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