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Colorado stopped using the legal terms "custody" and "visitation" some time ago. Colorado statutes now refer to three primary parental responsibilities: parenting time (physical custody), decision making (legal custody) and child support. At Drexler Law, we are here to help you determine each aspect of child custody with the goal of reaching an agreement that ensures your child is protected. We help clients with all types of family law matters in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

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What to Know about Child Custody

In divorce cases, custody orders or parental responsibilities orders are entered as the divorce case proceeds through the courts. Often the custody portion of a divorce is one of the more contested issues. It’s important to realize that custody and child support are separate matters and are not always addressed concurrently.

Child custody allocation can be requested when:

  • One parent wishes to formalize the parenting relationship or wishes to obtain an enforceable court order to avoid uncertainty, conflict, or bullying of the other parent.
  • A parent is unable to make major decisions regarding the child such as religion, choice of schools, doctors, daycare, or other key issues. Some confusion arises over the difference between child support and parenting time.

Child Custody & Child Support

Many parents believe that the other parent has to pay child support in order to have parenting time (custody or visitation) with the child. Colorado is clear that child support and parenting time are completely different responsibilities and, in more cases than not, it may be appropriate to coordinate parenting time (custody or visitation) even if child support is not paid or is past due.

Our team at Drexler Law can advise you regarding whether the exercise of parenting time is appropriate, whether it should be and can be suspended or restricted, or whether it is okay to self-restrict parenting time given certain emergency situations. The bottom line is that it is critical to seek professional legal advice prior to withholding parenting time. A misstep in restricting parenting time can have serious and sometimes irreversible consequences for a parent. Not challenging a parent's unilateral keeping of a child or preventing you from exercising parenting time can also be damaging to your case.

As experienced, aggressive, and passionate attorneys who have experienced custody disputes firsthand, contact us immediately to know your rights and to discuss the best interests of your child or children. Child custody or parenting time is not the time to experiment with the law or save a few dimes just to pay huge dollars later when real damage has already been done.

What Happens When Parents Disagree?

If you and your spouse, or the opposing party, cannot agree on these issues, a court can order an evaluation or investigation that assesses your situation and what parenting plan may be in the child's or children's best interest.

The evaluator, called a child and family investigator (CFI) or a parental responsibilities evaluator (PRE), is usually a mental health professional or children's expert who has specialized training and education to make assessments and provide recommendations to the court regarding the best interest of your child or children.

Not only can we assist in the selection of an appropriate evaluator or investigator, we are able to explain the primary function of the entire process and advise you on the issues that will be addressed, investigated and reported.

The evaluation and investigation process can be the difference between a well-received evaluation and an evaluation that leaves major repair work to be performed in your case. We recommend highly that you seek professional legal advice well prior to a child family investigation or parental responsibilities evaluation since fundamental differences exist between a CFI and PRE including the qualifications, training, ability, and cost of the evaluation.

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