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Estate Administration Attorneys in Colorado Springs

Helping Clients with Probate & Settling a Relative’s Estate

Estate administration is the process of managing a deceased's property and assets in accordance with their wishes, often expressed in a written will. Administration ensures that qualifying debts are satisfied or negotiated, distributes assets to beneficiaries, finalizes taxes, liquidates any businesses owned by the deceased and resolves various other legal matters or financial voids at the time of death. An attorney skilled and experienced in estate administration can help make this process easier.

The estate administration attorneys at Drexler Law understand that the legal and probate process is a difficult process for many families, at an inconvenient time. Our attorneys are committed to helping our clients through a challenging time. We use our in-depth knowledge of estate administration, from filing the appropriate legal pleadings and paperwork to helping you understand the law, so you and your family can move forward with confidence. With help from our estate administration attorneys in Colorado Springs, you can rest assured that your family’s affairs will be handled correctly and efficiently.

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Your Duties & Responsibilities as an Executor

If someone designated you as the personal representative or executor of his or her estate, you have many important responsibilities and duties to fulfill. Accomplishing the necessary tasks to settle a loved one’s estate can be complicated; rest assured, however, that our experienced estate administration lawyers in Colorado Springs will guide you through the probate process.

An executor has a number of duties to fulfill during probate, including the following:

  • Filing a petition and required documents with the probate court, (e.g., death certificate, wills, directives)
  • Notifying potential heirs and creditors of the estate
  • Collecting and protecting all assets of the estate
  • Paying any debts or taxes due from the estate
  • Dealing with any disputes that arise regarding who is entitled to receive from the estate
  • Distributing remaining assets according to instructions in the will

Executors should also seek professional guidance when it comes to estate administration, especially if there are complex tax issues or disputes between beneficiaries. This can help to ensure the probate process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We Can Help You Protect Your Liability

Executors must ensure that they are fulfilling their fiduciary duty by acting in good faith on behalf of the estate. This means they must act in a way that is honest, fair, and in the best interests of those named in the will. It's also important for executors to keep detailed records of all transactions made throughout the probate process.

Ensuring that you take the proper steps to successfully administer a loved one’s estate also means protecting your liability. As an executor, you can expose yourself to potential liabilities including lawsuits from the heirs of an estate. Having an attorney by your side, however, can protect your exposure to risk.

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Our estate administration attorneys at Drexler Law are eager to learn more about your unique needs during estate administration. As experienced lawyers, we have the legal knowledge and skill to help you properly administer a relative’s estate.

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