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Secure Your Family’s Future with Your Will

A will is a legal document that outlines what will happen to your assets when you pass away. It’s an important part of any estate plan, along with an analysis of whether a legal trust should also be formed. A comprehensive estate plan, including a will, can ensure that your wishes are carried out after death. If you don’t have a will or a full estate plan it is critical to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney. Equally important is updating your existing will with a fresh will or a codicil or amendment to an existing will.

Our experienced legal team at Drexler Law is ready to help you create a personalized estate plan, including an appropriate will instrument that is tailored to your unique needs. Our attorneys are well-versed in the complexities of estate planning and can provide guidance on how to ensure that your wishes are properly documented. With their help, you can create a legally sound document that ensures that all of your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

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Your Will Can Prevent Problems During Probate

A will is an important document that ensures your wishes are respected and makes the probate process smoother for your loved ones. With a will instrument, you decide how the assets in your estate, (including, among other assets, your bank accounts, real estate, automobiles, and investments). You can also appoint someone you trust to act as the personal representative or executor of your estate to manage the probate process upon your death.

It is important to know that you power of attorney terminates upon death; so, your agent under a power of attorney will not be able to exercise the rights under the power of attorney. Consult with the estate planning attorneys at Drexler Law to craft a comprehensive estate plan to carry out your specific instructions and wishes.

Without a will, your estate is divided up according to intestate succession. This means that your assets are distributed according to Colorado’s default laws, not your intentions. If you don’t have a will, it’s time to get one. Intestate succession can create a more complicated probate process for your loved ones, can extend an already complicated process, and can quickly become a source of legal conflict. You can prevent this by crafting a full estate plan without leaving the allocation of your estate to chance.

Your Will Can Cover More Than Just Your Property

While the primary function of a will is to distribute your estate to your heirs, it can perform other critical functions.

Assigning Guardianship of Dependents

One of these critical functions is designating a guardian. If you have minor children or an adult dependent in your care, dying without leaving your legally stated preferences for guardianship can create a complicated legal situation. Someone must care for your dependents, and it could be a relative who you wouldn’t prefer or the foster care system. Avoiding these outcomes is possible by stating your wishes for guardianship in your will.

Transferring Ownership of Beloved Pets

Pets are legal property, and many owners see their beloved pets differently. If you think it’s possible for your pet to outlive you, you may wish to ensure that ownership transfers to a friend or relative whom you trust to love and care for your pet in your absence. You can also accomplish this goal with a will.

There are many other important things you can do with a will that don’t necessarily involve your monetary assets or real property. Consult with one of our experienced wills attorneys in Colorado Springs to learn more!

Why You Shouldn’t Try to ‘DIY’ Your Will

Drafting your own will, like representing yourself in court, is hardly a good idea. It’s best to consult an estate planning attorney. Even if you know what you want and how you want your possessions distributed, this does not guarantee that the document created will be legally binding in court.

If a DIY will instrument is not properly prepared, it will cause delays, expense and avoidable complexity in the probate process and can even be invalidated or thrown out by the probate court. If a will is declared void, estate assets generally pass to surviving heirs according to intestate succession laws, which not only differ from state to state but may also be completely counter to the goals you thought you were documenting. Don’t chance it with a DIY or “internet” will; there’s no guarantee that your wishes will be honored, and you could unintentionally leave behind confusion, conflict and expense for those you love and intended to receive your estate.

Contact Drexler Law for Help with Your Will

You can avoid leaving your loved ones with a complicated legal situation after your death by binding your estate to a professionally crafted will and comprehensive estate plan. Our experienced estate planning and will attorneys located in Colorado Springs can offer the legal support and services you require to write an effective will that reflects your values and accomplishes your estate planning goals.

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