Your Military Family Care Plan In Colorado

Going through the process of allocating child custody is tough on any family that is going through a divorce. However, as a parent that is a member of the military, the issues brought up can be even more challenging.

There are additional complications, such as being away from the home environment for an extended period of time, that can have an impact on child custody rulings. The following are some legal issues relating to child custody and family care plans that you should be aware of as a member of the military.

The creation of a family care plan

If you are a single parent in the military, you must create a family care plan that makes sure that the family will be prepared in the case of a deployment. This helps to ensure a stable environment for children with parents in the military.

The family care plan must give an outline of an allocated person that would be a short-term caretaker, who would be available at any time to look after the children. It must also include a person who agrees to be a long-term caretaker, who could look after the children during a full deployment.

This family care plan must be updated every year, and may also need to include a chosen power of attorney that can act on behalf of you if the need arises.

If you are concerned about the custody process as a divorcing parent in the military, then you should do thorough research into how to comply with the specific military requirements.

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