Relationships And Active Deployment

Relationships And Active Deployment

When you are called to active duty, it can be a stressful time for both you and all of your family. You may find yourself being more worried for your loved ones than you are for yourself, and you are understandably likely to dread the time away from them.

There are ways that you can plan for and become emotionally prepared for active deployment. Whether you are married with children, have a domestic partner or are a single parent, it is possible to prepare loved ones for the future.

Communicate as much as possible

It is important to talk about your upcoming deployment and manage expectations, especially in regard to young children. If you have children under the age of 10, it is especially important that you let them know exactly what is about to happen, and that you ask them to communicate with you about any fears that they may have. It is vital that they understand that you are going to do your job, and that you are not leaving for any lack of love for them. It is important that they feel reassured and safe.

Have a relationship plan for deployment

It's a great idea to establish a communication plan for when you are on deployment. Take into account time differences and look into options such as video calls. Try and put aside communication time for just you and your children, as well as for just you and your spouse.

Communication is everything when it comes to planning deployment with your loved ones. If you are a single parent, make sure to establish a schedule with the other custodian so that things go smoothly.

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