A man and woman dragging their daughter behind them in a sled. Snow covers the ground, and all three people are dressed warmly.

Holiday Co-Parenting Tips

Keeping the Peace Throughout the Season

The holiday season, as great as it can be, can be a time where co-parents struggle to remain on top of things, and this can cause the regularly great holidays to look more and more like a headache. Co-parents can have many different issues that require their attention with the biggest factor being their child’s happiness.

Fortunately, co-parents have the ability to make the holiday season great for everyone. Here are some tips to help co-parents do exactly this.

Keep Up to Date With Your Custody Agreement

It’s important, first of all, for co-parents to always be aware of the terms of their custody agreement. If, for example, the custody agreement includes a note on even/odd years and holidays, co-parents need to review this to know which parent will have the child for which holiday. Add in the agreed-upon pickup and drop-off times and locations, and co-parents have a lot of factors to keep track of at any given time.

Co-parents should review these terms before the holiday season to better plan how everything will work.

Stay Flexible and Communicate

Since things can change at any time, it’s important for co-parents to remain flexible and be receptive to adjustments that might need to be made. If a change has to be made, co-parents should communicate these changes as soon as possible in order to share information and come up with any necessary solutions. The sooner you communicate something that pops up, the earlier you can work together with your co-parent to ensure that any transitions or adjustments are made are as smooth as possible.

Keep Your Child’s Happiness First

It can be easy to get frustrated when changes are made or if your co-parent fails to communicate. However, if your child sees you get upset or is listening to you complain about your situation, that can have a negative impact on their emotions and can lessen their enthusiasm for the season.

Remember to do everything you can to provide your child with the best holiday experience possible. Your positivity and focus on their happiness can provide them with memories that will last them a lifetime.

Contact a Custody Attorney if There Are Problems

The holidays can be a time where some parents attempt to withhold visitation time from the other parent. If this is a situation you are facing, it’s important to speak with a custody attorney as soon as possible to fight back and see your children. At Drexler Law, our team is committed to defending the right to be a parent to a child, and we will work hard to protect your best interests as we work to a better solution.

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