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3 Tips for Creating a Holiday Parenting Plan

If you’ve recently divorced or share custody with your child’s other parent, you will have to carefully navigate the upcoming holiday season. Proactive planning ensures that you both get to celebrate with your little one and that the time is split fairly.

Keep these tips in mind to reduce the stress of holiday co-parenting.

Put Everything in Writing

When you draft a custody agreement, it should include the parenting plan to document decision-making responsibilities and parenting time. The more detailed your parenting plan, the less room you have for conflict with the other parent. Discuss with your co-parent how you want to handle the holidays and schedule.

Explore Different Holiday Visitation Schedules

Each family must find a holiday schedule that works for their needs, preferences, and traditions. Here are some common arrangements that you can use as inspiration:

  • Alternate holidays: Assign holidays to each parent for even and odd years. For example, you might get Thanksgiving, and the other parent gets Christmas in 2020, then switch in 2021.
  • Assign fixed holidays: If you prioritize different holidays, this routine will work best for you. If one parent celebrates Hannukkah and the other Christmas, it makes sense for that parent to have the kids.
  • Split holidays: Split time on the actual day or surrounding days of the holiday. This arrangement works best for parents who are live nearby each other. The child might spend Christmas Eve with one parent and Christmas Day with the other.

Address Travel Stipulations

If one parent has extended family outside the area, they may plan to travel with the child over the holidays. However, the other parent may wish to keep the child close to home. Some custody agreements limit the amount of holiday travel to 24 or 48 hours. It’s best to talk about these issues sooner rather than later.

Although co-parenting can be challenging, getting along during the holidays will benefit your kids.

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