Relocation and Child Custody in Colorado

After a divorce, you may have been given joint custody of your child in the state of Colorado, in which you and your ex both reside. Sometimes, life changes, whether that be because of a job opportunity or a new relationship. If you or your ex wants to move out of the state while sharing custody, there are some things you want to know.


Colorado laws allow for the parents of a minor and their own family law attorneys to work out issues themselves. However, sometimes a family law attorney and a decision by a court are necessary cannot agree on the future of their children.


Our family law attorneys at Drexler Law understand the concerns and issues which can arise when one parent in a shared custody agreement wishes to relocate and the impact this has on the family unit as a whole.

Deciding to Relocate

When you are offered the chance of a new position in a new location in or out of Colorado, or you wish to move to start a new life with another marriage, you should discuss your options with a family law attorney. You will be expected to provide a detailed breakdown of the reasons why your child will benefit from the relocation and a clear description of how their academic career will not be negatively affected.

Challenging a Relocation

If you are co-parenting a child and have recently been informed of your former spouse's intention to relocate to a new geographic area, you have the right to challenge this decision. We have a long history of working with parents like you who are worried they will lose contact with their child or lose the close relationship you may have developed over the years.


An attorney can help you compare schools in the different areas and help you put together a case that shows your child may not benefit from relocation. Detailing the close relationship you share with your child through various testimonies is the next step an attorney will take, as you can explain how your relationship will be upset by any relocation plans.

The Legal Challenge

The state of Colorado does not have a set definition of what is meant by relocation to a new geographic location. In general, we have learned this means any location which will impact the ability of a child to see another parent on a regular basis or their ability to continue with the current standard of their education. If you are in this situation, the legal team at Drexler can help fight for your family’s future and your rights to see your child.


When you are concerned about the future well-being of your child because of a relocation, make sure to contact an experienced family law attorney at Drexler Law to discuss the rights you have.