Criminal Charges And Child Custody

If you are a parent, it is likely that you will want to a have a relationship with your child throughout his or her life. But in your attempts to gain child custody visitation, you may be worried that your criminal record may be held against you.

Nobody is perfect, and although you may have a criminal charge, it does not necessarily mean that you will not be a great parent. The chances of you being able to successfully gain custody of your child will largely depend on the type of criminal charge that you have.

Your criminal history and child custody

In order to analyze how your criminal history will affect your ability to gain custody of your child, you will need to look into every aspect of your criminal past. You can do this by contacting the FBI and reviewing your criminal record.

The criminal offenses that could be a serious problem in regard to gaining child custody will include violent offenses such as murder, abuse and assault. Robbery, harassment and sex crimes are also red flags for child custody courts.

The identity of the victim will also be very important in the analysis of the crime. If the victim was a child or a family member, this could mean that your chances for gaining child custody will be low.

Other crimes such as substance abuse and DUIs will also be viewed negatively but may not pose as a barrier to your child custody efforts.

If you are struggling to gain child custody because of your past, it is important to take action to show that you can be a great parent.

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