What Are The Legal Options When A Parent Abducts A Child?

Parents are extremely emotionally attached to their children and will do anything to keep them close. So when a legal ruling is decided that is not in their favor, the feeling can be devastating. It could mean that the parent has no legal right to see his or her children anymore, and this can lead to people committing very serious actions, such as abducting the child and taking him or her away from the other parent.

When this occurs, the other parent will of course feel distraught and helpless. It is common in these situations for the parent to take the child or children out of state or even to another country. It is important to remember that these cases, especially those regarding young or vulnerable children, are taken extremely seriously. It is likely that the FBI will be involved in cases like these.

When your child has been found and safely returned to you, the next immediate question you will have is how you can keep your family safe and how you should go about preventing anything like this from happening again? In violating a court custody order, the other parent will likely have all of his or her custody rights taken away from him or her. They are also likely to face other penalties such as jail time.

If you believe that you have had your custody rights denied from you because of the actions of the other parent, it is important to take legal action and seek a custody modification. It is advisable to speak to a legal advisor who can help you.

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