Shifting Focus: Solving Custody Disputes

Going through a custody dispute with the other parent of your child or children can be an extremely stressful and toxic situation to be in. At the end of the day, all disputes such as these come down to a matter of money. When compromises and common goals cannot be found, then there is going to be a conflict because the two of you are not sharing the same mindset.

The good news is that conflicts such as these can be resolved. What is even better to know is that if done right, conflicts in regard to child support should not need a court order or court intervention. The best way to solve a child custody conflict is to sit down with the other custodian and ask for a shift in focus to the well-being of the children. This will require determination and perseverance from both of you. However, if you can shift the focus from the issue being about money to the issue being the best possible life for your children and for the two of you as parents, you will be able to eventually be able to reach a common agreement.

The trick is to use your common love for your children to see the solution. This is, of course, not easy, and courts can be used to determine what each parent can afford for his or her child. Courts always want the best for the children but also do not want the parents to struggle financially. If you are struggling to resolve a child support conflict, you should consider all options and seek advice when you think it is necessary.

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