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Parental Rights in Colorado

Busting a Myth

In Colorado, parental rights are considered to be very important. If you are a parent in Colorado and are going through a custody battle, it is important to understand the state laws and your rights. In this blog post, we will discuss parental rights in Colorado and what you can do if you feel like your parental rights are being violated.

Rights Under the Law

The current myth pervading society is that only mothers can receive child custody; however, this is simply not true. Parental rights in Colorado are equal for both the mother and father. In fact, under Colorado law, both parents have an equal right to custody of their children.

There are several factors that Colorado courts will consider when making a child custody determination; however, gender is not one of them. The best interests of the child will always be the primary concern of the court. Therefore, if it is in the best interests of the child to be in the custody of the father, then that is what the court will order.

It is important for both parents to be involved in their child's life and to have a strong relationship with them. Children need the love and support of both parents. Parental involvement is one of the many factors that the court will consider when making a custody determination.

Work with a Child Custody Attorney

If you are seeking custody of your child or if you are currently involved in a custody dispute, it is crucial to seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can help you understand your rights under the law and can advocate for you and ensure that your rights are protected.

At Drexler Law, our team knows how important it is to maintain a relationship with your child. We are dedicated to helping our clients find a solution that meets their child's needs and their own.

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