Why You Need an Advance Directive

There are a lot of important elements involved in estate planning that go well beyond the distribution of property and assets. If you were to sustain catastrophic injuries or an illness that renders you incapacitated, having an advance directive in place can help ensure your wishes are known and respected. It can also give you the opportunity to name the person you wish to make these decisions on your behalf when you cannot do it for yourself.

More About Advance Directives

An advance directive does not address matters related to property distribution. Instead, this crucial legal document makes your health care choices known and must be followed, regardless if they go against health care standards. However, it generally does not apply to emergency service workers who respond to 911 calls, unless you have an outside-of-hospital DNR (do not resuscitate) in your advance directive.

Below are some of the items you can include in an advance directive:

  • Do not resuscitate: If you do not wish for your lungs or heart to be restarted if they were to stop working, you can state this in your advance directive.
  • Life-sustaining treatment: If you want machines or other forms of support, such as breathing devices and electric shock to keep you alive, you can include this in your advance directive.
  • Do not intubate: If you want a device to help you breathe, you may also state this in your advance directive.
  • Organ and tissue donation: Even if you are suffering from cancer, other parents of your body may be donated to others or for research, which you can state in your advance directive.
  • Hospitalization: Not everyone wants to be hospitalized when they fall ill. If you wish to remain home, state this in your advance directive.

None of us know what the future will hold, so being prepared for anything is essential. An advance directive can ensure that, no matter what happens to you, your health care wishes are followed.

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