Remarriage and Child Support

Does Marriage Affect Child Support?

Child support agreementIf you are the primary custodian of your child, it is likely that you receive financial support from the other parent so that he or she can do his or her part and so that your child has the best possible life. You will rightly consider their payments as a symbolic contribution as a parent, and something that should not change until your child becomes an adult.

However, if you are remarrying, you may be worried that this will affect the child support your child is entitled to, since you will now be benefitting from a double income. It is important to understand your child's rights when it comes to receiving child support in Colorado.

Child support is centered around the biological parents of the child; therefore, your decision to remarry should not affect the other parent's obligation to pay child support. This is because the courts believe that a child should have the best possible life. Child support is calculated purely based on the paying parent's income, and does not take into account the income of the primary custodian, or whether he or she has a new spouse or not.

Adoption and Child Support

Similarly, if your child is adopted by your new spouse, this should not affect child support either. Child support will only be affected if the paying parent has decided to relinquish all parental rights, to the point that he or she is no longer considered the legal parent.

If you are concerned about how your remarriage might affect your child support payments, it is important to research the area fully and always stand your ground.

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