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Coronavirus Stay At Home Order: What That Means for your Court Case

In these unprecedented times, countless questions have been brought up surrounding the status and future of family law matters. Recently, there has been an abundance of information to help people understand the current situation, but it’s also led to a lot of confusion.

Are the Colorado Courts Open? 

As part of Colorado’s Stay At Home Order, residents must stay in their homes unless they are engaging in certain exempted activities or with critical businesses. The order as of March 26, 2020 lists, “professional services, such as legal, title companies, or accounting services, real estate appraisals and transactions" as critical businesses that are exempt from the Stay at Home Order. The Stay at Home Order explained previously that “judicial branch operations, including attorneys if necessary for ongoing trials and required court appearances unless appearances can be done remotely” are exempt from the stay at home order.

Our Colorado Springs Attorneys can explain the impact of the Stay at Home Order on your specific case. Some court divisions are converting in-court hearings to video-conference hearings while other cases may still require in-person appearances – with more detailed COVID-19 response safeguards.

We know that the health crisis has added to the stress of families dealing with legal matters, and it’s resulted in people pausing their plans to pursue legal action or avoiding it altogether. However, courts remain functional, with a temporary change in processes. Both lawyers and courts have adjusted their systems to meet safety measures and accommodate people. In fact, parties who intentionally postpone filing a new case or an important motion run the real risk of falling behind in a tremendous backlog or docket clog, which attorneys are already beginning to experience.

It’s important to know that we are all navigating through an ever-changing environment, which means, in some cases, compliance with orders can change overnight. Rest assured, our entire law firm is working diligently to keep our clients in line with any amended orders.

You Can Safely Participate in Your Case

Despite these unprecedented times, our law firm is committed to providing ongoing, quality and compassionate representation. We have established both on-site and remote worksites to meet the needs of each client while maintaining immediate response times with the Court. Phone calls, emails, video conferences and practicing social distancing are only some of the ways we are helping our clients in addition to electronic document verification and providing video-notary services.

We know that there is a great deal of uncertainty right now, but we at Drexler Law are committed to protecting you and your family. Our attorneys are available for consultations and meetings through video chat or by phone so that you and yours may remain safe and healthy.

Work with an experienced family law firm, who will treat you like family. Contact Drexler Law at (719) 259-0050 to get started with your virtual case evaluation.