Should You Get a Divorce or Legal Separation?

There comes a point in some marriages where a couple decides to go their separate ways. Some couples choose to divorce, while others want a legal separation. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Divorce vs. Legal Separation

In Colorado, a divorce legally dissolves a marriage, and each person is free to marry someone else. On the other hand, a legal separation does not invalidate a marriage. The only real difference is that the parties are still technically married at the end of the proceedings.

Additionally, the process for both a legal separation and divorce is almost exactly the same. In both instances, if the spouses have children, they will have to make custody decisions, including parenting time, decision-making, and child support. Also, in both cases, they will have to divide their marital assets and might need to set up alimony payments.

Which is the Right Choice?

Knowing your options before going through with a divorce can ensure you make the best choice. Couples have various reasons for choosing a divorce or legal separation. Strong religious beliefs or wanting to keep medical insurance coverage, military retirement, or other benefits can play a part in a couple’s choice to end their relationship.

A legal separation might be the best decision if a couple is not entirely sure they want to get a divorce. With a legal separation, there is more time for the couple to really think about what they want. The couple can reconcile after some time or take the next step and divorce.

Typically, couples choose divorce when they are willing to divide their assets and debts and work out arrangements to care for their dependent children. These couples want to move forward with their lives—but without each other.

Considering a Divorce or Legal Separation?

Ending a relationship is not easy. What’s more, agreeing to divorce or legal separation takes serious thought and communication between spouses. Regardless of what you choose to do, a Colorado Springs divorce attorney can help you navigate the process. The experienced and compassionate divorce attorneys at Drexler Law are here if you need legal guidance for a divorce or legal separation.

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