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Is It Healthy to Get a Revenge Body During a Divorce?

For years, many people have been taking the “revenge body” approach after their divorce. But what is “revenge body?” A revenge body is something you strive to obtain after someone has wronged you. After a divorce, people use fitness and workouts as a motivation to not only distract themselves but also to get back at their spouse. However, is it mentally healthy to get a revenge body after a divorce?

Will You Feel Better After Getting a Revenge Body?

The answer is both yes and no. Your approach to getting a revenge body is what can make the process healthy or unhealthy. Although getting a revenge body is healthy for your body, it can be emotionally draining. Putting all your energy to make your former spouse feel bad for losing you isn’t a healthy mindset. In fact, working out to get back at your ex can make it even more challenging to let go and to move past your break-up.

However, getting a revenge body for yourself can make a world of a difference. During your marriage, you might put yourself last on the list. You probably spent all your time working, taking care of your kids, or trying to make your marriage work. But maybe you didn’t save time to take care of yourself. Getting a revenge body may be the perfect opportunity to practice a healthy living style and giving your body and mind the love it needs. Caring for yourself and not for your divorce is the best form of revenge.

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