How Long is the Colorado Divorce Process?

How Long is the Colorado Divorce Process?

Divorce can take an emotional toll on all parties involved. If you have decided to divorce your spouse, then you will likely want to get through the process as quickly as possible. However, the state of Colorado does impose some time restraints on how expeditiously you can dissolve a marriage.

The Initial Stages

To start divorce proceedings, one spouse must file a petition for court action. If you initiate the divorce, then your spouse will receive notice. It will then be another 90 days before the courts grant the request. At a minimum, you need to wait 3 months before your divorce is finalized.

However, if the divorce is being contested, the timeline will most likely be extended. Typically, most divorce cases in Colorado will take between 6 to 12 months. This time can depend on several different factors.

Factors That Affect the Divorce Timeline

If all of your paperwork is filed correctly and you and your spouse agree on all of the terms of the divorce, the time it takes to finalize the order will be shorter. However, the likelihood of this is slim, and several different problems can arise that will make the divorce process longer. Here are some of the factors that may extend the time it takes you to divorce:

1. Slow disclosure of information

The court will need accurate financial information from you and your spouse to make fair judgments concerning property division. Each of you has 20 days from the initial divorce request to disclose financial information. If either one of you fails to meet that deadline, it is extended to 40 days. This will prolong the proceeding.

2. Net worth

The more money your estate is worth, the longer it will take for your divorce to go through. All property, accounts, and other assets must be accounted for and assessed. If you or your spouse is suspected of hiding assets, the matter will need to be investigated. A forensic accountant will need to be brought in for this purpose. It will then take more time to negotiate a fair settlement.

3. Children

If you have children, child custody and support will need to be settled. These can be highly emotional and contentious issues. However, you must not sacrifice your parental rights for the sake of expediency. Your children’s best interest needs to take priority, and ensuring they have the best custody situation in the future is worth the extra time.

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