How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

Modern technologies have advanced to the point that the world of the Internet impacts our daily lives. Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and other platforms, are all essential to the way people interact with others in today's culture. These outlets allow you to continually keep your friends and family updated on what you are doing and feeling. However, if you are going through a divorce, it might be better to refrain from posting.

Common Social Media Mistakes

With the increase in social media use, it is becoming more and more common to use someone's social profile as evidence in a divorce case. It's important to remember that anything you post online is public. Even if your profile is private, the information on it can still become available if someone tries hard enough.

These are some common mistakes you should avoid making on social media if you are going through a divorce.

Post Incriminating Photos

When you post a photo, think about what it could look like from an outsider's perspective. For example, you post a picture of you partying and drinking. You are also in the middle of a child custody battle. The judge could see these photos as proof that you are unfit to be a parent.

Speak Negatively About Your Ex

Obviously, there is a reason you are getting a divorce. It might be tempting to vent your frustrations about all the ways your ex makes you mad in a post online. However, you should resist doing so. Negative posts could be used to paint you as unstable or untrustworthy in your case

Disclose Financial Information

One of the most contentious aspects of divorce is property division. If you start posting about all of your latest purchases, like a recent vacation or new clothes, your spousal support claim could be denied or lowered.

What You Post Can be Used Against You

While you don't have to refrain from using social media entirely, be conscious about what you post. Never forget that what you post can be used as evidence in your trial. A good rule to keep in mind is not to post or share anything that you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with the judge in your case.

At Drexler Law, we encourage our clients to be open with us about their social media usage. By doing so, we can help them avoid any implications that could be costly in a divorce proceeding. If you are concerned about anything you have posted online, our Colorado Springs attorneys will make sure your best interests are protected.

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