How Your Lawyer Can Help Promote An Amicable Divorce

When Shelby and Jason walked down the aisle, they thought it was forever. As high school sweethearts, they were sure their relationship would last far into their lives—raising kids a

When Jason joined the Air Force, Shelby was supportive. Both believed in supporting their country and they were eager to impart their patriotism to their kids.

Neither was prepared for the stress that military life can take on a couple. With frequent deployments and rigorous training schedules, Shelby found herself alone more and more.

Shelby still loved Jason but as time went on, their relationship felt more and more like roommates than spouses and both finally agreed it was time to part. Both feared that hiring attorneys could result in a contentious divorce. After all their years together, neither wanted to face the other adversarially.

How can a lawyer help?

Divorce is one of the most painful life experiences. And while many people envision the process as something that inevitably ends with acrimony, the simple fact is that most divorces are resolved without protracted battles. When both parties truly want it, each lawyer can work together to ensure the best interests of all parties involved.

Whether it is establishing parenting time and responsibilities or determining spousal support, attorneys provide guidance in the law and how it applies to your situation. Once couples are aware of the legal parameters, they can often come to mutually beneficial agreements.

For example, if one parent must be gone for significant periods, they may agree to regular Skype conversations in lieu of physical parenting-time until the parent returns. If one spouse needs further education for employment, an agreement can be made regarding tuition payments. Drawing on their title as “counselors-at-law”, your attorney will help you resolve your case amicably and respectfully.