Drexler Law Celebrates Historic Milestone: Meghan M. Flanagan and Demi A. Valdez Licensed Under Colorado's LLP Program

We are delighted to share a momentous occasion here at Drexler Law: Meghan M. Flanagan, Senior Managing Paralegal, and Demi A. Valdez, Senior Paralegal, have achieved a groundbreaking milestone by passing the LLP exam and becoming licensed practitioners under Colorado's pioneering Licensed Legal Paraprofessional (LLP) program. As part of the inaugural graduating class in Colorado, their accomplishment marks a significant advancement in the state's legal landscape.

The LLP program, launched in 2024, represents a progressive leap forward in improving access to legal services and affordability, particularly in specific domestic-relations matters. Approved by the Colorado Supreme Court in March 2023, this program enables paralegals and other legal paraprofessionals to seek licensure, granting them the authority to provide defined legal services within specified parameters.

Under Rule 207 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, licensed legal paraprofessionals (LLPs) like Meghan and Demi are empowered to undertake various legal tasks. They can complete and file standard pleadings, represent clients in mediation, and accompany them to court. While they can address factual queries from the court, they are not permitted to engage in oral argument or examine witnesses during hearings.

Colorado joins a select group of states—Arizona, Minnesota, Oregon, and Utah—that have implemented similar limited-license programs, recognizing the value of leveraging qualified non-lawyer professionals to expand access to justice. Although Washington and California have explored limited-license initiatives, they are currently not actively licensing non-lawyers, as per the American Bar Association.

For Meghan and Demi, obtaining licensure under the LLP program signifies not only personal achievement but also a dedication to the legal profession and a commitment to serving clients with excellence. As trailblazers in Colorado's legal community, they are poised to make a significant impact, bridging the gap between legal expertise and accessibility.

At Drexler Law, we couldn't be prouder of Meghan and Demi's accomplishments. Their licensure not only elevates their professional standing but also reinforces our firm's commitment to innovation and excellence in legal service delivery. We eagerly anticipate the invaluable contributions they will continue to make as licensed paralegals, furthering our mission of ensuring justice for all.

This historic milestone serves as a beacon of progress in Colorado's legal landscape, heralding a new era of inclusivity, accessibility, and excellence in legal representation. As the LLP program takes flight, we anticipate witnessing the positive transformation it brings to our legal community and the lives of those we serve.

Join us in celebrating Meghan M. Flanagan and Demi A. Valdez as they embark on this exciting new chapter in their careers as licensed paralegals. Here's to a future filled with continued success, growth, and impact in the pursuit of justice under the esteemed banner of Drexler Law.