4 Apps to Help You With Your Divorce

Divorce is difficult. However, with today’s technology, there are resources available to make it a little easier to get through. Drexler Law is here with four of the best mobile apps and websites to help you with your divorce.

  1. Dtour.Life

This website states they are a divorce management platform for spouses and lawyers. This tool allows everyone involved in a divorce, including spouses and attorneys, to access case files, reports, and documents online.

Dtour.Life allows you to manage your divorce from a digital dashboard. It features the following:

  • Spending plans

  • Settlement scenarios

  • A Divorce Knowledge Center

  • A Case Profile with all the relevant facts of your divorce

  • Net Worth Report, where you can enter your assets and debts

  • Upload all of the documents from your divorce

  • Share information with your professional team

Dtour.Life offers a 7-Day Free Trial. Afterwards, it is $19 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

  1. Mend

After a divorce or separation, Mend is there for you “every step of the way in your breakup journey.” The app functions as a personal coach for those who have ended their relationship. After you sign up, you take an assessment where you will answer questions that help you reflect on your breakup, which allows Mend to get a better understanding of how they can help you.

Mend offers classes that are offer research-based insights, advice, and activities to help you through your break up. A few of them cater specifically to those going through a divorce, like the “How To Transform The Pain Of Divorce Into Growth” class. It offers advice on how to cope with divorce while also managing being a parent and your daily life.

A few of the other features included in the app are:

  • Audio training

  • A self-care log

  • A journal

  • A community feature

  • Progress Tracker

Currently, the app is only available on iOS, but an Android version will be coming out in the future. Mend is free to download and has in-app purchases available depending on what features you need. 

  1. AppClose

AppClose is a co-parenting app that minimizes conflict and allows you to stay organized. It can manage parenting schedules, make pickup and dropoff requests, and send messages with another parent.

The app has a ton of great features that make co-parenting simpler, including:

  • Create a schedule for your children

  • Create and share parenting schedules

  • Communicate your children’s activities and appointments

  • Track how much you are spending on your child

  • Submit expenses for reimbursement

  • Share documents and receipts

  • Make payments or send money

  • Communicate by text

  • Group chat with other family members or third-party professionals

  • Provide important child-related information like medical and childcare providers

  • Share information with third parties

  • Preserve and export records for personal use or litigation purposes

AppClose is available on IOS and Android and is completely free to use.

  1. SupportPay

This platform manages, tracks, and allows you to pay child support and alimony. According to their website, kids are 90% more likely to get child support if SupportPay is used. This is because it allows the parent who receives child support to show the other exactly where and how much money is being spent on the child.

The app offers an extensive list of features, including:

  • Add expenses

  • Store receipts

  • Calculate your share

  • Up to date balances

  • Dispute management

  • Track by child

  • Detailed reports

  • Store All documents

  • Export files

  • Notifications and reminders

  • Certified documents for court

  • Make online payments

SupportPay is available on IOS and Android devices through a free version of the app that offers limited features., if you want to enjoy all of the benefits, it will cost either $14.99 per month if you purchase an annual plan, or for a monthly plan, it will be $19.99.

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