Dealing With A Difficult Spouse During Divorce

Dealing With A Difficult Spouse During Divorce

Divorce is almost always going to involve a certain amount of conflict. There will be emotions of anger, bitterness and grief that can be difficult to resolve. But when your spouse is acting especially difficult and refusing to cooperate with your best efforts to move forward, it can be difficult to know what to do next.

Here are some key tips in divorcing someone that is not willing to take the rational way out.

When your spouse is playing games with you

Playing psychological games is usually an attempt for the person initiating it to gain power or keep his or her power. He or she may be making false allegations against you or threatening you. The best advice is to simply remain calm and keep as much of your communication with him or her in writing so that you can take the evidence to court.

When they refuse to negotiate

When your spouse refuses to settle to what you deem to be a sensible compromise, you may feel frustrated and as though nothing will be enough. This is a sign that your spouse is lacking a sense of proportion. If attending mediation sessions is not solving this, then it may be time to settle through court.

No matter how your spouse is acting in the divorce process, the important thing to do is to stay cool, and remember your rights. Hold on to as much evidence as possible, from text messages to receipts, and try to keep rational. The more you can stick to the procedure of divorce, the greater likelihood you will have of achieving a successful divorce settlement.

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