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Many people are guilty of putting off estate planning for longer than they should. For many of us, estate planning is something we hope to get to but never seems urgent. When estate planning seems urgent, however, it may be too late. The purpose of estate planning is to create guidelines for your loved ones and others about how you want your assets, medical care, and other matters to be handled when you are no longer here or no longer able to make those decisions for yourself. At Drexler Law in Colorado Springs, we can help you create the sound legal documents you need to ensure your wishes are upheld.

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If you are going through a divorce, it is important to update your estate planning documents to reflect this change. We can help.

Why Is Estate Planning Important?

Planning for your family’s future if you are incapacitated, or the unfortunate event of your passing, is not just for the wealthy. Whether you are protecting your children, planning how you will be taken care of or dividing assets, setting a plan will save everyone the stress of trying to guess about your wishes.

Here are 8 reasons why an estate plan is beneficial:

  1. Protect your young children: Although the thought of passing while your children are young is upsetting, you will feel a lot better knowing that your child’s future is protected. Setting up a plan for finances, guardianship and the way in which your children are taken care of is a way to show your children how much you love them.
  2. Eliminate family drama: The fights, drawn-out conflicts and messes that can ensue if assets are not spoken for in an estate plan are often fodder for movies and TV. Though it makes for humorous entertainment, the same is not true for real life. Whether siblings are fighting over property or distant relatives are popping up out of the woodwork to stake their claim, you can protect your wishes by creating an estate plan. This will enable you to choose who will take care of you if you become incapacitated or, after your passing, who will receive your assets.
  3. Appoint a conservator: Not only can you appoint a guardian for your children, you can also appoint a conservator. This person will oversee management of the assets you have designated for your children as well as seeing that your wishes are carried out.
  4. Avoid probate: Making sure that your estate does not go into probate is one more way to eliminate family stress after you pass on. Probate is the court supervised process of authenticating your will and assessing the value of your assets, paying off any remaining bills or taxes and then distributing any remining assets as the court deems fit.
  5. Reduce your expenses: Without an estate plan, a substantial amount of money will go toward the probate process, including court costs and attorney fees. Spare your family these unnecessary costs by creating an estate plan.
  6. Lower your taxes: There are numerous strategies for reducing taxes and estate planning is one of them.
  7. Support a cause: You do not need to have billions of dollars to support a charitable cause. Even if all you can do is leave a couple of hundred dollars to something that matters a great deal to you, an estate plan can ensure the organization receives the money you wish to donate.
  8. Peace of mind: Knowing that you have a plan in place, and that your assets and children are protected can help you rest easy. The more you plan and release these types of stresses from the shoulders of your family, the better you will feel.

How We Can Help

At Drexler Law, we can assist you in crafting an estate plan that clearly states your wishes and will be likely to hold up in court.

We will find the right solution for you by considering tools such as:

  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Medical Directives
  • Advance Health Care Directives
  • Powers of Attorney (financial)
  • Powers of Attorney (general)
  • Powers of Attorney (medical)
  • Disposition of Remains
  • Trusts

Our goal is to ensure that your wishes are reflected and your assets protected.

Guiding You through the Complex Probate Process

Probate is the process which a will is validated by the courts. If the will is deemed valid, any assets will then be distributed according to its terms.

While this seems like a straightforward concept, probate can become quite complex and time-consuming. When you are dealing with the loss of a loved one on top of everyday life, it can be a relief to have help.

At Drexler Law, we are here for you. Our lawyers can bear the burden of the probate process on your behalf so you can focus on moving forward.

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