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Going through the adoption process in Colorado

Making the decision to adopt a child is not a light one. It is likely that it is something that you have been thinking about for many years, and therefore, when you finally decide to take action, it can be nerve-wracking. It is important, therefore, that you take the time to learn about the laws and processes that you must go through so that you are fully prepared in regard to what to expect.

Making exchanges of child custody easy for all involved

Child custody agreements vary based on each individual case. They can be difficult to reach or they can be agreed to in a matter of minutes if both parents are on speaking terms. Either way, the exchange of child custody can sometimes get to be a little overwhelming for all involved, especially the children. That's why you need to make the exchange as comfortable as possible in Colorado Springs.

Separating as domestic partners

When domestic partners separate, it is much the same as the separation of legally married couples. However many remain confused when it comes to the legalities in relation to the division of assets and the separation process of domestic partnerships.

Representing yourself in divorce? You can still get legal help

During our years of providing family law services to Colorado residents, we have fielded many questions about the possibility of representing oneself in divorce proceedings. While it is possible to proceed in this manner, it is important to learn how this process works and whether you are a good candidate for this solution.

Frequently asked questions about adoption in Colorado

The state of Colorado tries to make adoption as smooth as possible. Adoptive parents are welcomed into the system, and their needs and concerns are taken very seriously. However because of the very strict protections in place for children in care, adoption is a very rigorous process.

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