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Financial matters and divorce

Money, money, money. Whether it’s greenbacks, money markets, certificates of deposit, money-related matters are often among the biggest reasons nearly half of all U.S. marriages end in divorce. When the stereotypical money personalities of savers and spenders unite in matrimony, you better be careful.

Visitation in virtual spaces can help parents and children bond

You and your partner may have ended your relationship, but you both still share a love of your child. Once you no longer live together, however, spending time with your child may become more difficult. Often, either the custodial or non-custodial parent will want to move to another state or country.

Divorce and military pensions

Going through a divorce is difficult for anyone, but military personnel and their families have specific issues. One of them is a military pension and other benefits.

The hard road to child custody

Getting through a divorce is hard. Depending on the relationship that’s coming to an end, there can be any number of challenges and disagreements. Through all the division of property, new homes and disputes about the car or family pet, many couples think that child custody will be an easier arrangement to reach.

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