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Using Mediation To Complete Asset Division

One of the most difficult aspects about divorce is often the fact that two people who used to be close no longer see eye-to-eye. Statistics show that in 75 to 90 percent of all divorces, one person initiated the divorce while the other spouse wanted to remain married. This, of course, creates a very hostile and unhappy environment from which to start the process of dividing assets.

During the pre-divorce stage, often referred to as the deliberation period, the spouse that eventually initiates divorce usually experiences feelings of isolation, alienation, resentment and disillusionment. This can turn into anger, which then often motivates the person to file for a divorce.

The litigation stage of a divorce and asset division

Once a divorce is initiated, the couple are now confronted with the reality of their situation. This means that they must take practical steps, such as consulting with an attorney and dividing assets. This can be a period of much emotional chaos, and this is where mediation has proven very successful in resolving issues so that the division of assets can take place efficiently.

Mediation can help both spouses to understand each others' emotions, as well as help them forgive each other for the actions that they have taken in the past. They can talk through the way that they want to move forward, and by doing so, they can prevent expensive court cases.

Dividing assets during a divorce can be a chaotic time. It is important to consider all your options, from mediation to legal litigation, and how it can aid you in this transition.

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