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November 2017 Archives

Dealing with a difficult spouse during divorce

Divorce is almost always going to involve a certain amount of conflict. There will be emotions of anger, bitterness and grief that can be difficult to resolve. But when your spouse is acting especially difficult and refusing to cooperate with your best efforts to move forward, it can be difficult to know what to do next.

Same-sex parents and child custody agreements

When same-sex couples break up, there is, like every other couple, the question of child custody and child support agreements. In cases where a surrogate was used, there may be concerns from one or both parents as to whether they will be classed as the legal guardian of the child, or if the biologically related parent will have precedence over custody.

Dealing with conflicts during a divorce settlement

The fact that you are going through a divorce with your spouse is a good reason to suggest that you are not currently on the best of terms. Therefore, working together to achieve something, such as the successful division of assets, is not going to be easy. There will likely be conflicts and things might get heated. However, the important thing is to keep your cool and keep in mind what you want to achieve in the process. The following are some tips for successfully going through asset division, without being taken for a fool.

How to get through a divorce during deployment

Being in the military is an incredible responsibility that can both bring pride to your family but also a high degree of pressure. It is not surprising that because of this, many marriages that involve a military spouse end in divorce. The process of divorce, especially when one of the spouses is currently engaged in active deployment, can be a very stressful and difficult to navigate one. However, it is possible to get through a military divorce during active deployment if you follow some simple steps.

Shifting focus: Solving custody disputes

Going through a custody dispute with the other parent of your child or children can be an extremely stressful and toxic situation to be in. At the end of the day, all disputes such as these come down to a matter of money. When compromises and common goals cannot be found, then there is going to be a conflict because the two of you are not sharing the same mindset.

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