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October 2017 Archives

Think twice before hiding assets during divorce

When people are going through a divorce and arguments over splitting assets get heated, a common natural reaction is for each person involved to go into survival mode. This means that they want to try and preserve as much for themselves as possible. In order to achieve this, they can go to extreme lengths, including hiding assets in off-shore bank accounts, sometimes doing this over the years that they were anticipating an eventual divorce.

Taking urgent action with child custody modifications

Courts do not like to meddle with changes to child custody agreements unless it has been determined to be absolutely necessary. This is because they only want what is best for the child, and usually some sense of continuity and routine is very good for a child -- it can be detrimental and confusing for a young person if his or her routine has been disturbed.

The hard road to child custody

Getting through a divorce is hard. Depending on the relationship that’s coming to an end, there can be any number of challenges and disagreements. Through all the division of property, new homes and disputes about the car or family pet, many couples think that child custody will be an easier arrangement to reach.

Will my criminal conviction stop me getting custody of my child?

Legislation that is written on child custody is always aiming to protect and benefit the child in all circumstances. The courts always want the children in question to have as much contact as possible with their biological parents. The only reason that they would prevent this from happening is if they believe that one or both of the biological parents could present a danger to the child or affect them negatively.

What are the legal options when a parent abducts a child?

Parents are extremely emotionally attached to their children and will do anything to keep them close. So when a legal ruling is decided that is not in their favor, the feeling can be devastating. It could mean that the parent has no legal right to see his or her children anymore, and this can lead to people committing very serious actions, such as abducting the child and taking him or her away from the other parent.

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