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September 2017 Archives

Do I have the right to hide my assets during divorce?

During any divorce, things almost never go smoothly. There are many aspects to parting ways, and aside from the emotional factors, there are the issues of finances and the division of assets. If you are a couple with high assets, this can be particularly problematic. If you are the spouse that generally earns more and has been responsible for acquiring the majority of the wealth, you might feel that it's unfair to agree to a 50/50 split.

Frequently asked questions about adoption in Colorado

The state of Colorado tries to make adoption as smooth as possible. Adoptive parents are welcomed into the system, and their needs and concerns are taken very seriously. However because of the very strict protections in place for children in care, adoption is a very rigorous process.

How are intangible assets valued?

Many aspects of a brand or a company are intangible. When selling your business due to property division as a consequence of divorce, it is vital that you understand the true value of your assets. It is often these intangible aspects that are the most valuable and important assets within a company. It could be the good reputation that took years to build, or customer databases that form the foundations of your marketing strategy. But how are they valued?

Splitting up as an unmarried couple

Break-ups are always difficult, whether you parted amicably or not. If you have been living together but not married, the practical aspects can be especially hard. When married couples split, they can go through the divorce process and have a legal reference for the division of assets. But for unmarried couples, things are a little less clear-cut. It's important to make sure that your ex doesn't take advantage of you or the situation when dividing assets.

Deciding whether to ask for child custody modification

When a child custody arrangement is not working out well, this could be due to a change in circumstances or because arrangement was never fully appropriate for the situation. Regardless of the reasons why, there may be a need to request an alteration of the child custody agreement.

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